Case Study

Cyrano + Car Sales

Cyrano successfully analyzes how potential customers feel about a possible car purchase and determines what to say next, not only improving conversion rates, but doing so in less time and with higher customer satisfaction scores.

Conversation Analysis & Prediction

Our system predicted the outcome of customer interactions based on transcripts of the initial interaction (no show, test drive, or sale) with a success rate over 95%.

Real-Time Customer Personality Profiling

The second model we proved enabled the sales team at the dealership to identify the personality of the customer in real time with only 13 binary observations.

Intelligent, Personalized Instructions

Finally, our models gave customized instructions on how to best sell the customer a car. It also provided a subject line and opening sentence for the follow up email in the event of a no sale.

What were the results?

Average conversion from test drive to sale

Without Roxane:  .445

With Roxane:  .602


Total Time on the lot to purchase

Without Roxane:  242 minutes

With Roxane: 136 minutes


These real world cases proved that Cyrano was able to understand what a human was feeling about a situation and predict what to do next. Sales people using the system not only improved conversions, they did it in dramatically less time and with higher customer satisfaction scores.

What’s next?

We are now taking what we learned from the dealership and scaling it to other high ticket or high lifetime value sales environments, where customer service and emotional intelligence can influence sales decisions.

Early Stage testing was conducted at Metro Honda car dealership over 120 days.

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