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We didn’t build another Alexa. We built the tech that will make Alexa better.

We need to stop learning how to use a computer and make the computers understand better how to work with us.

The best sales people are the best listeners.  Often difficult to explain, talented and experienced presenters, salespeople, and leaders understand how to ‘feel the room’ and shape a message to that the intended audience best understands what is being communicated.  Deep Listening allows a machine to an active listener that understands the way you think, the values you prioritize, and the mental state you are in right now.

Here’s what that means for conversational commerce:

Engage and convert customers through natural conversations.

Our system identifies and responds to your customers emotions, commitment level, and communication style in real time. This means your automated system can have more dynamic conversations with your customers.

Deliver effortless service experiences.

While most chatbots focus on either commands or transactional exchanges to simply direct customers to a live agent, Cyrano is the end in itself, engaging in real conversation and providing meaningful responses that guide customers through a sales process — even complex negotiations.

Simple enough for anyone to use.

Just upload some customer service, sales, or even Twitter transcripts to create your own bot. Customize its responses and double check its answers in the simulation space. That’s it. No need to bring in consultants to train the neural network or explain how to use it. Cyrano is designed to handle the conversations on its own.

See It In Action

In real conversations, the best response isn’t always the most complete and accurate one. Effective communication is about understanding the situation and other parties well enough to guide the conversation towards a mutually beneficial understanding. Cyrano’s revolutionary, patent-pending approach to Natural Language Understanding recognizes contextual and emotional patterns in words and phrases within a conversation. More than just recognizing what nouns and verbs you use, Cyrano pays attention to what you care about.

Cyrano in 100 Seconds

Deep Listening

In-Depth Walkthrough

How It Works

Cyrano blends common approaches to machine learning to create an entirely new approach to conversational commerce.

Affective Computing

Affective Computing

Usually focusing on facial recognition, voice tonality, volume, and rate of speech, these systems measure human emotions in real time. With Cyrano, we do it with word choice in context.
Tokenizing Words & Phrases

Tokenizing Words & Phrases

Cyrano labels words and phrases as it relates to strategic use (for example “hard close” or “input softener”) as well as basic entities and domain knowledge. Helping a machine to understand how words and phrases work in context allows it to more accurately score different aspects of a conversation, such as excitement, stress, or motivation.
Retrieval & Generative Response Systems

Retrieval & Generative Response Systems

Good scripting and data curation is just the beginning. Our patent-pending approach allows the neural net to respond with whatever answer will increase the likelihood of “winning” the given conversation.

Use Case: Cyrano + Car Sales

Cyrano successfully analyzes how potential customers feel about a possible car purchase and determines what to say next, not only improving conversion rates, but doing so in less time and with higher customer satisfaction scores.

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