Meet Cyrano, the digital agent that transforms conversational commerce by combining artificial intelligence with emotional intelligence.

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Why Deep Listening?

What if your computer understood what you meant, instead of misunderstanding what you said?’s groundbreaking AI is the first conversational interaction platform that recognizes and responds to the nuances in a conversation.

Engage and convert customers through natural conversations.

Identify and respond to a customer’s emotions, commitment level, and communication style in real time.

Deliver effortless service experiences.

Cyrano provides meaningful responses that guide customers through a sales process — even complex negotiations.

Simple enough for anyone to use.

Cyrano is designed to handle the conversations on its own — just upload customer service, sales, or even Twitter transcripts to create your own bot.

About Cyrano

Deep Learning Meets Deep Listening

The Natural Evolution of Natural Language Understanding

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The latest articles and resources from our team of artificial intelligence and natural language understanding experts.

Why We Named it Cyrano

Why We Named it Cyrano

About half the people we talk to about our company ask us why we named an Artificial Intelligence system Cyrano. The other half not only think it's clever, they understand the point of the company faster because of it. If you are in the first group, this blog post is...

Using AI to Help At Risk Teens

Using AI to Help At Risk Teens

We need to talk about helping kids. Yes, our business is about engaging customers through conversations and assessing and addressing their emotional needs. Yes, that’s important for improving outcomes of sales and customer service interactions. And yes, these systems...

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