Deep Listening

Here is a demonstration of 6 of the more than 80 variables Cyrano tracks in real time. Just type a few sentences or copy/paste in an email to see the first level of word and phrase tracking.  To better understand what Cyrano can learn from these data points, take a look at the examples below the demo.

To learn more about how this could help your business, check out our retail automotive case study.  If you’d like to see what happens when Cyrano is asked to handle sales and customer service all by itself, check out these videos.

Enter a few things your customer might say and see what Cyrano is listening for

These graphs all come from transcriptions of actual conversations at a Honda dealership in California.  Of course, this is just the beginning of what Cyrano can do.  In addition to scoring the customer’s emotional state and what stage of a sale process they are in, we can identify communication styles, sensory preference, personality type, and more.  But this isn’t merely a tool for training your staff, Cyrano can handle the conversation for you.

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